Image Editing (Images)

Updated 8-25-19

  1. ASCII art picture generator–instant
  2. ASCII Art Text Generator
  3. Fotojet–lots of fun options for formatting photos
  4. Fotor
  5. GIMP
  6. Handy Photo  (app)
  7. Jixipix–software or app
  8. Lunapic–filters, animations, quick editing and more
  9. Paint.NET–download, popular, for PCs with Windows, free
  10. Percolator (app)
  11. Photofunia–a variety of effects applied to photos
  12. PhoXo–mini Photoshop (their words); downloaded software, free
  13. PicMonkey–online photo editing
  14. PicsPlay (app)
  15. PIP Camera-Photo Editor Pro (app)
  16. Pixlr–fee and free; web-based or app; a bit like Photoshop
  17. Pixl-r-omatic (app)
  18. Polarr Photo Editor (app)
  19. Snapseed (app)
  20. Sumopaint
  21. Waterlogue (app)

Remove backgrounds

  1. Remove Background
  2. StickerMule-Trace

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