Physical Education

Updated 9-22-19

  1. AnatomyYou — app; virtual reality of human body
  2. BracketMaker
  3. Coach’s Eye–videos of student PE
  4. Final Kick–app; simulates kicking that final soccer kick (with Google Cardboard)
  5. LifeSaver–simulation where the viewer must save a life
  6. Map My Fitness (app)
  7. My Fitness Pal (app) — map what you eat
  8. Save-a-life Simulator at the Gym
  9. Save-a-life Simulator at the Mall
  10. ScratchEd–using Scratch to teach PE
  11. Sprint Timer (app)
  12. Sworkit (app) — 5-60 minute workouts
  13. Team Shake (app) — pick teams
  14. Virtual Reality in PE–resources and videos to use

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