Cyberbullying (DC)

Update 8-24-19

  1. Bullied to Death--a true story of a teen who commit suicide over cyberbullying
  2. Calling my Childhood Bully–a video (7 min.)
  3. Cyberbully–90-minute movie
  4. Cyberbullying–You’re not Alone — Hector’s World
  5. Cyberbullying--geared for 5th grade and up; includes common questions students may ask and answers
  6. Cyberbullying—BrainPop
  7. Cyberbullying—what is it
  8. Think Time: How Does Cyberbullying Affect You--a hard-hitting short video that hits all the important points of cyberbullying
  9. What is Cyberbullying? from Commonsense Media

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