minecraftUpdated 9-25-19

A growing list of resources. What do you use?

  1. Denmark in Minecraft–the entire country
  2. Lesson plan ideas for your classroom
  3. MinecraftEdu–for schools; fee
  4. Minecraft Challenge–a series of activities students complete as they play Minecraft
  5. The Alamo in Minecraft–11 year old school project

Minecraft Resources

  1. 4th grade California mission project
  2. Minecraft: Official website for the game
  3. MinecraftEdu: Educators and programmers working to make Minecraft accessible for schools
  4. MinecraftEdu Wiki: Tutorials, lessons, and resources
  5. Minecraft for Education–free
  6. Minecraft Google Group: An active community of educators using Minecraft
  7. Minecraft Story Mode
  8. Mineimator–digital storytelling with Minecraft
  9. Mojang: Persson’s (developer of Minecraft) independent game studio
  10. The Minecraft Teacher: Levin’s blog about Minecraft and teaching
  11. Pixel Pushers: A project to create a MinecraftEdu toolset for teachers
  12. YouTube Videos Featuring MinecraftEdu: Tutorials, interviews, in-class footage, and more
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