#59: Reading + Keyboarding = Success

If students become wrapped up in what they’re reading, they’ll type faster. I’ve provided two examples below, but use material you’re teaching in class, literature books they’re reading or poetry. They’ll forget they’re searching for keys as they become enthralled with the story.

If the lesson plans are blurry, click on them for a full size alternative.


–from 55 Technology Projects for the Digital Classroom. Preview available on Amazon.com and Scribd.com

If you can’t read this, send me an email at info@structuredlearning.net (they’ll forward it) and request a pdf copy


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2 thoughts on “#59: Reading + Keyboarding = Success

  1. Lauren Schafer

    This will align perfectly with the Common Core Standards – Thanks for posting this!

    • I agree. When students are engaged in what they’re reading, it’s easier to type those ‘two pages without a break’ (I paraphrased the original). It also lets their subconscious find the keys and inform the conscious child they know the locations!

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