Common Core Language: Teach Your Students to Speak Like a Geek
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Common Core Language: Teach Your Students to Speak Like a Geek

Here’s a free lesson plan from the newest Ask a Tech Teacher book, How to Achieve Common Core with Tech–the Language Strand. This covers K-8, 87 Standards, and has 8 projects. BTW, the lines at the front of each step are to check off the skill–track progress in case you don’t complete it in one … Continue reading

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12 Tips for Teaching Middle School Tech

Middle Schoolers are a special breed. They definitely need to learn productivity software like word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, but I’ve found it’s better to give them big goals, general guidelines, deadlines, and let them go. I just finished editing a tech textbook for 7th grade and it includes units on problem solving, logical thinking, digital … Continue reading

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Book Review: Sixth Grade Technology Textbook

Sixth Grade Technology: 32 Lessons Every Sixth Grader Can Accomplish on a Computer by Structured Learning IT Teaching Team My rating: 5 of 5 stars I’m often asked what books I recommend for teaching technology in the classroom. Each year about this time, I do a series of reviews on my favorite tech ed books. … Continue reading