Updated 8-29-19
online whiteboard

  1. A Web Whiteboard–no log in or installation
  2. AirSketch Free–Turn your iPad into a wireless whiteboard! Project live sketches to a local computer.
  3. Canvas–Google app for simple drawing
  4. Doceri–collaborate, turn into a movie (app)
  5. Draw Chat–virtual meeting with a whiteboard
  6. Educreations–whiteboard and screencasts
  7. Explain Everything
  8. GroupBoard–collaborate over the internet–up to five people; basic free, then fee
  9. IPEVO–draw and annotate directly onto real-time camera image from your iPad, images in the Photo Library, or a blank whiteboard
  10. Limnu–online whiteboard, collaborative, add text/notes, save as screenshot
  11. Miro–a multimedia notetaker where you can collect information on a whiteboard to share with others
  12. Notebookcast–a free multiuser whiteboard in your browser
  13. ShowMe
  14. Stoodle–no log-in or sign-up, share link to invite others; on desktops and iPads
  15. Whiteboard HD
  16. Witeboard–no account required
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