ASCII Art for the Beginner

ASCII art is that amazing computer drawing where keyboard letters become a picture. Done well, it never fails to impress friends with your geekiness.

I was inspired by my friend, Zakgirl, to try it. I’m inherently lazy so wanted an ‘easy way’ to accomplish this tedious art.  I went on a hunt for that method–and found it! Here’s a pumpkin I did for Halloween in about fifteen minutes:

Are you suitably impressed? Here’s how I did it:

  1. Add a watermark of a picture you like, preferably a single image
  2. Type over it with appropriate letters (if you’re more patient than I, you can pick a variety of letters. That would provide more depth)
  3. Delete the watermark

Looks good, huh?

This is an excellent method of exciting elementary school kids grades 3-6 about keyboarding (much as I do with shortkeys). Without showing them the picture, provide the directions for creating it. It’d look something like:

  1. Type a green X ten times
  2. Type a green X eleven time

…and so on. Have  them center the typing at the end.

Here’s a website that will turn a photo into ASCII art. This is one of my students. Click the picture to visit the website:

ascii art

Here’s another ASCII Art generator.

I also found a website that’ll turn your text into ASCII art. Can you read this:


Here are examples from ASCII art pros. You’re going to see a big difference from my simplistic ones:

ascii artAnyone out there have a Thanksgiving image to share?


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10 thoughts on “ASCII Art for the Beginner

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  2. This takes me back to the days when ASCII art was the only thing possible!

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  5. Darilyn

    I’d love to do this kind of art with my Keyboarding classes, but with old school style where the kids are given the instructions (sp44, T5, f56) to make a typed art that they discover what the image is after it’s typed. Any ideas where I can get some how to instructions for the mystery type art?

  6. wow – this is great, bring good memories, still the best..

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