Backchannel Devices

Updated 9-23-19

  1. BackchannelChat–secure, private for education; computers and/or mobile devices; free and fee; no sign-in required for students
  2. CoverITLive–teacher needs accounts, but students access it via a link
  3. Google Sheets–share a topical Google spreadsheet and students add their thoughts
  4. JamBoard–a Google App
  5. Padlet
  6. PollEverywhere–students answers questions using the app or website; free is limited
  7. Socrative
  8. TitanPad–no sign-up, use as backchannel and to collaborate on documents
  9. TurningTech–clickers, assessment, response systems
  10. Twitter

2 thoughts on “Backchannel Devices

  1. uestech

    Any thoughts on which works best for 2nd, 3rd or 4th graders?

    • Padlet requires no sign-in and can be embedded into a class website or blog. Pretty simple for 2nd graders. Today’s Meet (or even Socrative) is well within the skill-set of 3/4th graders. Same with Backchannel Chat (though I haven’t tried that one).

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