Music (HS)

Updated 9-22-19

  1. Beat Lab1399293_girl_with_accordeon
  2. UJam
  3. Soundation–Make music

Free music

  1. Audio Archive–millions of varied musical selections
  2. Free Music Archive
  3. FreePlayMusic–thousands of free songs for YT and more
  4. MusOpen–royalty-free music

Free sound effects

  1. Sound Bible–free sound bites
  2. Type “animal sounds” into the Google search bar and get a large variety

Listening to and Learning about Music

  1. Classical KUSC
  2. Dallas Symphony Orchestra for Kid
  3. Junkyard orchestra–amazing video
  4. National Jukebox

Make Music

  1. A.I. Duet–play a few notes and the AI continues for you
  2. Create Music
  3. GarageBand — for Macs
  4. Finale –download software
  5. Soundtrap–create music on any digital device, collaborate, share
  6. UJam–create and publish music

Stream Music

  1. Google Play Music–collect your favorite songs and play them anywhere.

Writing Music

  1. Finale–for writing music, from free to fee (depending upon program); download
  2. Sibelius–music writing software
  3. SmartMusic–industry standard for elementary grades; PCs, Macs, iPads

Chromebook add-ons

  1. Twisted Wave–record, edit, and share as an MP3 or other options

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