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20 Great Research Websites for Kids

Quick, safe spots to send your students for research:

  1. All-around research site libraryspot.comLibrary Spot
  2. Dictionary
  3. Edutainment site—requires subscription
  4. General info research
  5. Internet research sites for kids
  6. Kids search engine for the internet
  7. Math, reading, arcade edutainment
  8. National Geographic for kids
  9. Nova video programs
  10. Research for kids
  11. Research—by grade level
  12. Research—chapters on subjects
  13. Videos on so many topics
  14. Research—for kids
  15. Research—history Almanac for Kids
  16. School Tube—learning videos from YouTube. Organized by topics
  17. Science headlines—audio
  18. Search the internet
  19. Thesaurus—a great one
  20. World Book Online (subscription required)

31 thoughts on “20 Great Research Websites for Kids

  1. Great list! Was looking for this. Will added some to our site soon. Thanks for the sharing! As for number 18, Google is for public and occasionally the results are inappropriate for kids.


    • I’m glad you like the list. I use it in my tech classes with great results. I agree about Google–any search engine. I haven’t seen Kigose before. I’ll have to try it with my students.

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    • Thanks, Ikeria. Great research websites are the ones that will keep students engaged long enough to uncover their truths. Schooltube and these 19 others I’ve found are able to do that. Thanks for dropping by.

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  9. Do you have any good sites for researching countries a good website that has climate,physical characteristics,Type of goverment and political factors,economy,imports,exports,nateral resourses,agriculture,manafracture goods,culture,social and economic factors and imports and exports to canadaand what canada exports and imports PS: the country i am doing is netherland

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  12. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Exactly what I would love to offer to my students. We are a 2nd year Charter School in Texas where Technology was just added on this school year. My biggest challenge is finding a quality curriculum (k-6th) that meets the ISTE NETS (21st Century Learning). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also where do you find all you resources?? Thank you so much for sharing!!! Teresa Campos

    • Hi Teresa, the one I use is Structured Learning’s curriculum. It’s aligned with ISTE and takes students from mouse skills in kindergarten to Photoshop and Web 2.0 tools in 6th grade. Here’s the link. You want to talk to Zeke Rowe ( over there. He’s great.

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  14. Infotopia ( ) for grades 4-12 and Kidtopia
    ( ) for grades K-3 are two research portals for students that retrieve only websites recommended by teachers and librarians. Created and maintained by two retired librarians, they are both kid-friendly and kid-safe.

    Recently a user had this to say about Kidtopia:

    “‘Students in all grades would be able to navigate this site and with support find the research necessary for research completion. I quite enjoyed exploring the Adventure Island where hovering, clicking, and scrolling catapulted me into unknown topics, appropriate videos, and articles. Kidtopia and its partners provide instruction, ideas, and information for all learners. Definitely a WIN-WIN for teacher and student!”

  15. awesome list! however I need find information about ” Why we sometimes like objects than family” is my science teme
    can you help me please?

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