videosUpdated 9-23-19

  1. Animation & Drawing by DoInk – Draw and animate your very own movie
  2. ChatterPix Kids – Endless fun for young and old. Few apps are easier to learn.
  3. ExplainEverything – Arguably one of the best iPad apps for education.
  4. Green Screen by DoInk – Quite possibly one of my favorite apps
  5. Hyperlapse – a time-lapse movie maker and video stabilization app
  6. iMotion HD – perfect for easy stop motion movies, or the odd time-lapse movie
  7. IntroMate Intro Maker for iMovie – Create awesome video intros quickly and easily
  8. IPEVO Whiteboard – Screencast and annotate over live video for free!
  9. Kapwing Studio–lots of tools for using video in the classroom
  10. MovieDrops for iMovie – perfect companion app for green screen video backgrounds
  11. Quik – the quickest and easiest app for making photo slideshows, bar none!
  12. Splice – a free video editor that is as good as, or better than, iMovie.
  13. TouchCast Studio – If you’ve never used it before, try it.
  14. Vialogues–create or upload video, add comments, have a conversation, embed

Book Trailers

  1. Create Reading Excitement with Book Trailers

Gif creation

  1. Giphy
  2. Picasion

How-to video creators

  1. My Simple Show–a quick, easy explainer video from a template

Learning Videos

Stop motion Animation

  1. Stop Motion Animator — for Chromebooks

Turn Lesson Plans into Videos

Using and annotating videos

  1. EDPuzzle–crop videos, add notes and your voice
  2. PlayPosit–interactive videos
  3. Thinglink — upload a video and add notes to it

Video Collections

Video Collections (Clips)

  1. Pexels Videos
  2. Pixabay
  3. Stockio
  4. Videezy  — free videos but requires attribution

Video Creation

Video editors

  1. iMovie
  2. Magisto–choose video; select theme; add music; done
  3. Quick Video Editor
  4. SnackVids–create transcripts of videos quickly
  5. Tammy’s YouTube Clipper–show just the part of the YT you want
  6. WeVideo–collaborative; record on mobile devices; edit on desktop; works great on Chromebooks
  7. YouTube editor

Video Enhancers

  1. EdPuzzle–desktop, iOS, Android; edit, quizzify, and add your voice to any video. Pick a video, personalize it for your group, add your voice, and then track student understanding. You can even include quizzes.
  2. PlayPosit–interactive videos
  3. TouchcastAn iOS app that allows you to take a video and add ‘hotspots’ with interactive elements.
  4. Wakelet–play videos without ads or distractions
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