5th Grade

Updated 9-14-19

Be sure to click heading links for more websites

American Revolution

  1. American Revolution
  2. American Revolution videos
  3. American Rev—5 min. summary video
  4. Road to Revolution Game


  1. Animals
  2. Wolfquest—simulation–DL




  1. First Thanksgiving
  2. Google World of Wonders
  3. World National Anthems



  1. Zoom Explorers--from Enchanted Learning–a bit young, but useful to kick-start thinking
  2. Collection–great list


  1. Backchannel–Socrative



Human Body






  1. Plant games



  1. Looking Glass—animated story
  2. Snap!—runs in your browser
  3. Tynker
  4. Wolfram Alpha widgets

Social Studies



Special Needs

Study Skills Etc.

  1. Study Blue


  1. Thinking Skills–Riddles

Virtual Tours

Visual Learning

Word Study

  1. Spelling practice—use with spelling words
  2. Visuwords
  3. Vocabulary Fun
  4. Word Central—from Merriam


  1. TagCrowd
  2. Writing with comics

9 thoughts on “5th Grade

  1. I got this email from a reader and wanted to share a great first aid website they found. Once you click the link, be sure to go to the tab ‘nursing for kids’:

    Good Morning!!

    Hope I’m not bothering you, my class and I just wanted to send you a quick note about your page ( http://structuredlearning.net/suggestedlinks.html ) !!!

    We’ve been going over the parts of the body while using your resources quite a bit! We all thought it would be a great idea to shoot you a Thank You! 🙂

    A couple of my students and Classroom Helper also found this page that has a great Anatomy Learning Center section ( http://www.accreditednursingcolleges.org/ ) and thought maybe you would find it as helpful as we have!

    I was hesitant to email you at first but the kids keep asking if I have talked to you about it yet haha. (they’re so cute!)

    As a favor to the kids, would you possibly add the new resource to your Suggested Links page? I would love to surprise them before we finish the unit next week, that their research find has actually benefited someone else!

    Sorry if I seem intrusive, just thought it would be a good motivator for them to keep up the good work 🙂 They would be so excited!…and I may even surprise them with a pizza party!

    Thanks again!
    -Mrs. McVey and Her 5th Graders

  2. WOW!!! Thank you for posting this list!

  3. Hi Jacqui, I was checking out pupil tube listed above and noticed the web link needs to be checked out. I think the url must have changed.

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