Research Websites

Quick, safe spots to send your students for research:980336_non_gode_limmunita_ecclesias

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  1. Ask for Kids
  2. BrainPop
  3. Citation Machine
  4. CyberSleuth Kids
  5. Dictionary
  6. EasyBib–bibliography creator
  7. Fact Monster
  8. Fun Brain
  9. How Stuff Works
  10. I Know That!
  11. Info Please
  12. Insta-Grok
  13. Internet Library
  14. Internet Public Library (IPL)
  15. Kid Rex
  16. Kids Konnect
  17. Kids Webcams
  18. KidsConnect–Kids research
  19. Kigose–kids search engine
  20. Library Spot
  21. NASA Headlines
  22. National Geographic for Kids
  23. Nova video programs
  24. QuinteraKids–visual search engine
  25. SqoolTube Videos
  26. Sweet Search
  27. Teachtopia Webcams
  29. Websites by kids and teens
  30. World Almanac for Kids
  31. World Book
  32. Yahoo Kids
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