games in educationUpdated 9-8-19

This is an exciting list–great simulations I’ve found around the internet. Some of the entries have more than one.

A note: some must be downloaded and a few purchased, so the link might take you to a website that provides access rather than play:

  1. Bridge simulation–build different types of bridges; perfect for 8th grade toothpick bridge replacement projects
  2. Direct a Scene–at the Globe Theater in a Shakespeare plan
  3. Electrocity—how does electricity contribute to the growth of communities
  4. iCivics—experience what it means to be part of a democracy




  1. Adventures of Jasper Woodbury–fee based but great reputation for teaching math in a game environment
  2. ExploreLearning Gizmos–simulations in math and science
  3. Math by Design--design with math

Problem Solving

  1. Choose your own adventure--great list from Larry Ferlazzo
  2. CSI Online Adventure
  3. Quandary–an ethics problem solving game from MIT



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