learn english key shows studying language onlineUpdated 9-25-19

I realize I have no place to store ESL links that I find. Therefore, I’m beginning this page. I’d sure appreciate your help to populate it:

  1. British Study Center–learning English with games, videos, Digital Storytelling: Projects that Engage the Whole Learner
  2. Digital Storytelling for Language and Culture Learning (PDF) – National Writing Project
  3. How to Make Crab Soup: Digital Storytelling Projects for ESL Students–
  4. L2 Digital Storytelling
  5. MCC ESL Digital Stories
  6. Resource Guide for ESL
  7. Teaching English – Digital Storytellingözge-karaoğlu/digital-storytelling
  8. Web English Teacher – Digital Storytelling

I’m going to include other languages here, too, until I figure out a better way to curate them:


  1. Khan Academy–in Spanish
  2. Spanish Help–Dictionary and more




2 thoughts on “ESL/ELL

  1. has a Spanish version that is currently in the works: Promotes levelled reading of news articles for kids in the ages 8-16

  2. Here’s a website suggested by a reader:

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