Civics and Government

anonymous peopleUpdated 9-5-19

  1. Argument Wars
  2. Branches of Power
  3. Civics Game Room
  4. Civics games
  5. How Laws are Made
  6. Law Craft
  7. Public Policy and the Executive and Legislative Branches Quiz
  8. Public Policy Flashcards
  9. Public Policy Matching
  10. Three Branches of Government Review
  11. What’s inside Buckingham Palace


Executive Branch

  1. Executive Command
  2. Videos about American presidents I
  3. Videos about American presidents II
  4. What’s Inside the White House–a video


  1. We the Jury

Legislative Branch

Supreme Court and the Courts

  1. Court Quest–game created by iCivics and shared via BrainPop
  2. Overview of the Supreme Court–video, quiz; for older students
  3. Supreme Decision — includes a game and a quiz; by BrainPop and iCivics

2 thoughts on “Civics and Government

  1. I’d like enlightenment about state and federal politicians.
    I’m unsure about how and when state government politicians interact with federal politicians.
    States have districts and those districts have representatives.
    Do those representatives affect federal representatives? Maybe this varies by state?
    If it would help, direct me to a good online site for the answers.

    • Good questions, Dan. Some of the links on this list will help. Otherwise, I’d have to run a Google search. Let’s see if anyone else has suggestions.

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