grammarUpdated 9-25-19

Grammar Practice

  1. Blends
  2. Contraction Crossword
  3. Contraction Practice
  4. Feast of Homonyms
  5. Flamingo Suffixes
  6. Grammar games
  7. Grammar Gorillas
  8. GrammarManComic–learn grammar with comics
  9. Grammaropolis
  10. I Before E–funny funny video
  11. Khan Academy
  12. Plural Nouns
  13. Suffix Match
  14. Synonym or Antonym?

Writing review sites

  1. Analyze My Writing
  2. Autocrit
  3. Grammarly–drop writing in for writing help and plagiarism check
  4. HemmingwayApp–for desktops and mobile devices
  5. ProWritingAid
  6.–review grammar; set up classes; some collaborative
  7. SpellCheckPlus
  8. WPPOnline–writing review program for students



2 thoughts on “Grammar

  1. Sometimes when I’m working on an article (especially if the content is over 1,000 words), I might make the same point several times. Or even worse, if I use bullet points, I’m prone to repeat the same structure over and over again for each point. In my experience, Hemingway doesn’t flag this kind of repetition. If anybody else suffers from this problem, INK suggests that I change my sentences if they sound too much alike.

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