Internet Safety (DigCit)

Update 8-24-19

  1. Garfield: Online Safety (app)
  2. Hector’s World Internet safety videos
  3. Internet safety quiz
  4. Internet Safety Tips for Parents — with a video
  5. Internet safety video–day in digcit’s life
  6. Internet safety—BrainPop Jr
  7. My Online Neighborhood–video by CommonSense Media
  8. NetSafety–a series of videos on internet safety; varied age groups; well-done
  9. Online Safety Quiz
  10. Online Safety Quiz II
  11. Online safety video
  12. Safe tech use–video
  13. Safety Land game


  1. NSTeens
  2. Own Yourself--a book for teens about online safety
  3. Survivors on Online Treachery
  4. Teens Talk Back
  5. These six videos from kids like you

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