Fifth Grade: Custom Shapes in Photoshop

Custom shapes are great fun in Photoshop, and one of the simplest skills to learn.

#1--select 'custom tool' and the 'shape'

#1--select 'custom tool' and the 'shape'

  • Open a picture in Photoshop
  • Select the ‘custom shape tool on the left and again at the top (see example)
  • Select the tool you’d like (crowns, fences, borders–I’ve selected a border and a frame)
  • After you add a custom tool, select the ‘style’ at the top (see example
  • Save, print. You’re done
#2--Add a fence, frame and style (color)

BTW–I used Jing to grab the screen shots, add the arrows. Jing is a free download that’s better than Printkey, not quite as fast, but available online for free (something Printkey got away from).

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3 thoughts on “Fifth Grade: Custom Shapes in Photoshop

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  2. When would 5th graders have the opportunity to use photoshop? is there a ‘secret’ uber discount for 7-10 year olds?

    suggestion: Teach 5th graders to master GIMP via GIMPhoto 😉

    • Adobe has wonderful education discounts. Where Photoshop can cost over $700, students can get it for around $150. Hats off to Adobe for their support to the education community.

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