Dyslexia (SN)

Updated 8-15-19

  1. Assistive Technology for Dyslexia
  2. Beeline Reader– helps guide your eyes from the end of one line of text to the beginning of the next using a colored gradient.
  3. BrowsAloud–software that adds speech, reading, and translation to websites for people with dyslexia, low literacy, ESL, and mild visual impairments.
  4. HumanWare–various writing/reading tools for the blind
  5. JAWS
  6. Natural reader–paste text into the dialogue box and the site reads it to you
  7. Open Dyslexic–(extension) open source font that improves readability for students with Dyslexia; changes font on pages (no download)
  8. Read & Write–(extension) reads passages aloud; text-to-speech; include a dictionary; create voice notes; simplify and summarize text; free for teachers (maybe students)
  9. Snap n Read–select text and click speaker icon on the toolbar
  10. Sonocent Audio Notetaker
  11. SpeakIt!–extension that reads to students whatever they highlight
  12. Symbaloo of dyslexia tools

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