News and Fake News

Updated 9-5-19

  1. Allsides (news stories compared across multiple political perspectives)
  2. BBC News (app)
  3. C News for kids
  4. Common Sense Media
  5. DOGO News
  6. Kids News – Current Events
  7. Listenwise
  8. Newsela–news for kids, reformatted at different reading levels
  9. News-o-matic for kids (app)
  10. NewseumEd
  11. News for Kids–free
  12. PBS Newshour Extra–for grades 7-12
  13. Reach Out Reporter — science news for elementary students
  14. Scholastic
  15. TeachingKidsNews
  16. TweenTribune–by Smithsonian
  17. Youngzine
  18. Youth Radio
  19. Yummy Math—math news

Fake News

  1. Fake News game— from BBC
  2. Fake News Challenge: A Skype game from MS
  3. How to spot fake news — a video
  4. Interview with a fake news creator
  5. TEDEd–how to choose your news
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