Updated 9-25-19

  1. Common Core training–the Hunt Institute
  2. Common Craft--videos on wikis, phishing, etc.
  3. Explania–hundreds of videos to explain processes
  4. How-to videos–technology, reading, math, more
  5. K-8 school-related videos. Tons 
  6. Learn Zillion—teaching videos
  7. Teacher Training Videos   
  8. Teaching Channel
  9. YouTube Education
  10. YouTube Pure—removes comments

Explainer Videos

  1. How to create an Explainer video — from Commoncraft

Create your own

  1. Biteable
  2. Educreations–create how-tos and turn into a video
  3. Get-Puppet
  4. Lensoo
  5. My Simple Show
  6. Moovly
  7. Powtoon
  8. Raw Shorts
  9. RenderForest
  10. ShowMe–a whiteboard approach, turned into a video
  11. Snapguide–create how-tos quickly and share
  12. Tapikeo–images, voice, and text–to make how-tos or another
  13. WeVideo
  14. Wideo
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