Updated 9-14-19

  1. Bees and Honey
  2. Drawing Melody–draw in many colors with the mouse and create music
  3. Hover skills–drag mouse over the happy face and see it move
  4. Left-click practice while playing the piano
  5. MiniMouse1183938_stylized_mouse
  6. Mouse and tech basics–video
  7. Mouse practice—drag, click
  8. Mouse skills
  9. Mouse Song
  10. OwlieBoo–mouse practice
  11. Wack-a-gopher (no gophers hurt in this)


  1. Digipuzzles–great puzzles for geography, nature, and holidays
  2. Jigsaw Planet–create your own picture jigsaw
  3. Jigsaw puzzles
  4. Jigzone–puzzles
  5. Jigsaw Puzzles–JS


  1. Mousing Around
  2. Skillful Senior


Many of these are simply repurposing mouse skill sites to the trackpad. 

  1. Basics
  2. Practice
  3. Touchpad vs Mouse

4 thoughts on “Mouse/TrackPad

  1. Marcel van de Wouw

    Hi Jacqui,

    Perhaps games like these are great for mouse skills

    If you like I can group some of them?


    • Perfect timing, Marcel. I’ll be updating the pages over the next few months and will blend these in.

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