critical thinkingUpdated 9-5-19


  1.–simple to use and free, no log-in, a bit quirky (IMHO)
  2. MindMeister–free trial for education
  3. Prezi
  4. Scapple--downloaded tool
  5. Spicy Nodes
  6. SpiderScribe–add text, pictures, files, more; free sign-up, fee for more than 3


  1. The Crossing–attempts to cross a gorge; some fail; all result in success


  1. Learning Styles inventories–several
  2. VARK Questionnaire–how do you best learn?

Logical Thinking

  1. Kodu—game programming
  2. Thinking Skills–Riddles


  1. Are you getting enough sleep? Take this quiz from NatGeo

4 thoughts on “Thinking/Learning

  1. Marcel van de Wouw

    Hi Jacqui,

    Perhaps four in a row is a nice logical thinking game for this page


    • Perfect timing, Marcel. I’ll be updating the pages over the next few months and will blend these in.

  2. felicityatwood

    Jacqui, I agree that it is perfect timing. Thank you for sharing it. When I was studying at university I figure out that I was taught in a wrong way for me. I used this home assignment service. Currently I am curious to find ways which helps me to get most effective results. I use for improving my skills. I really like online learning but sometimes I wanna give up. One of the way how I started to prevent it is created a discipline and planning everything that I make.

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