Minecraft Resources (Games)

Update 9-25-19

  1. 4th grade California mission project
  2. Coding with Minecraftminecraft in education
  3. Hour of Code with Minecraft
  4. Minecraft: Official website for the game
  5. Minecraft free to educators
  6. MinecraftEdu: Educators and programmers working to make Minecraft accessible for schools
  7. MinecraftEdu Wiki: Tutorials, lessons, and resources
  8. Minecraft Google Group: An active community of educators using Minecraft
  9. Mineimator–digital storytelling with Minecraft
  10. Mojang: Persson’s (developer of Minecraft) independent game studio
  11. The Minecraft Teacher: Levin’s blog about Minecraft and teaching
  12. Pixel Pushers: A project to create a MinecraftEdu toolset for teachers
  13. YouTube Videos Featuring MinecraftEdu: Tutorials, interviews, in-class footage, and more

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