Writing review sites (Writing)

Updated 9-5-19

  1. Analyze My Writing
  2. Autocrit
  3. Ginger Page for Chrome
  4. Grammarly–drop writing in for writing help and plagiarism check
  5. Hemmingway App–web-based, despite the name.
  6. Language Tool
  7. ProWritingAid
  8. Quill–Quill review, proofreader, and grammar
  9. Rewordify–simplify writing to the student’s reading level
  10. SAS Writing Revisor
  11. SpellCheckPlus
  12. WhiteSmoke–software download; checks grammar and writing conventions; may be best suited for a writing class rather than teaching skills
  13. WPPOnline–writing review program for students
  14. WriQ
  15. Writeful

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