1st Grade


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  1. Aesop Fables—no ads
  2. Aesop’s Fables–audio and visual
  3. Alphabetic order
  4. Animal Games
  5. Animal Games II
  6. Animal homes
  7. Animal Homes II
  8. Audio stories—read by actors
  9. Audio stories—speakaboos
  10. Brown Bear Typing
  11. Build a Neighborhood
  12. Build with Legos
  13. Childhood Stories
  14. Children’s Stories–MagicKey
  15. Classic Fairy Tales
  16. Clifford
  17. Clocks
  18. Clocks II
  19. Color US Symbols
  20. Comic Builder
  21. Create a story
  22. Dino Fossils then and now
  23. Eco-friendly house
  24. Edugames at PBS
  25. Edugames from BBC
  26. EekoWorld
  27. Egyptian Madlibs
  28. Fairy Tales
  29. Fairy Tales and Fables
  30. Fairy Tales–signed
  31. Forest—Walk Through a Forest
  32. Games that make you think
  33. Garfield Internet Cyberbullying
  34. Geography—find msg around the world
  35. Great Websites—can’t get thru all
  36. Greece-Rome—Winged Sandals
  37. Groundhog Day Games
  38. Groundhog Day Video
  39. Hangman
  40. Holiday Elf Games
  41. Holiday hangman
  42. Holiday Hangman II
  43. Holiday—Design a Gingerbread House
  44. Holiday—match game
  45. Holiday—Math Facts
  46. Holiday—Math Facts
  47. Holiday—North Pole Academy
  48. Holiday—North Pole Academy
  49. Home of the Future
  50. Interactive storybook collection
  51. Internet safety–read-to-you book
  52. Kerpoof
  53. Keyboarding—Hyper Spider Typing
  54. Language—parts of speech
  55. Learn to Type—Big Brown Bear
  56. Listen/read–Free non-fic audio books
  57. Magic Schoolbus
  58. Make a Face
  59. Make another story
  60. Make Believe Comix
  61. Make your own Story
  62. Math Games
  63. Mighty Book
  64. Money flashcards
  65. Money—counting
  66. Mouse Click Skills—gorgeous
  67. Mouse skills
  68. Mr. Picasso Head
  69. Museum of Modern Art
  70. Music with Hands
  71. Music—Quincy & Magic Instruments
  72. My Garbology
  73. Number concepts
  74. Number Order
  75. Ocean Tracks
  76. Online typing practice
  77. Pharaoh’s Tomb Game
  78. Rainforest collection
  79. Rainforest Websites Videos
  80. Rainforest—3 games
  81. Rainforest—great but a bit of reading
  82. Rainforest—Jungle Journey
  83. Reading games
  84. Science websites
  85. Starfall
  86. Stories for children
  87. Stories from PBS
  88. Stories—MeeGenius—read/to me
  89. SumDog—free reg
  90. Where is Santa?
  91. Wild on Math—simple to use
  92. Word games—k-2
  93. Writing games


  1. Bad Guy Patrol
  2. Chatting online
  3. Clicky III
  4. Clicky’s Web(safe) World
  5. Clicky’s Web(safe) World II
  6. Clicky’s Netsmart Kids
  7. Clickys’s II Netsmart Kids
  8. Computer basics
  9. Computer Basics II
  10. Computer puzzle
  11. Computer safety
  12. Computer safety–videos
  13. Cyber-bullying video
  14. Day in a digital citizen’s life
  15. Disney Surf Swell Island
  16. Drag and drop games–visual
  17. Find the Technology
  18. Garfield internet safety
  19. Internet safety–read-to-you book
  20. Internet Smart Princess
  21. My Online Neighborhood
  22. Netiquette online
  23. Netsmart Kids–the Princess
  24. Organize technology (drag and drop)
  25. Parts of the computer
  26. Parts of the computer—BrainPopJr
  27. Popups
  28. PowerPoint Games
  29. Private info online
  30. Safe surfing ebook—read to you
  31. Surf Swell Island
  32. TuxTyping
  33. Typing—Brown Bear
  34. Videos on Computer Basics K-6
  35. Videos–internet safety–Hector’s World
  36. Virtual tour of America—via Biplane
  37. Webonauts
  38. White Board—no sign in, no reg
  39. Who are your online friends?

13 thoughts on “1st Grade

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  8. I appreciate the 100 websites for 1st grade that I will peruse through and find which ones I can use with my own firsties. Can you tell me which sites you would recommend for helping my students tell time to the 5 minutes and counting money to a dollar and beyond? Both of these skills are very difficult for some of my students. I am using the Every Day Math program.

    • Here are a few more to add: Go to K, and the ‘clock’ websites–http://www.protopage.com/smaatech#Untitled/Kindergarten.

      Money–here’s a collection that might help–http://www.covenantworks.com/Bouncy-A/Math/Money/index.htm

      • Tomorrow is a half day planning day so I can’t wait to look at all of the websites you have for 1st grade. I’m wondering what recommendations can you give for ELL/ESL students? One of my student’s home language is Spanish and the other home language is Pashto. Thank you for any recommendations!

      • Boy that’s a good question, one I should know the answer to. I’m going to have to do some research. You’ll probably see it appear as a ‘Dear Otto’ post in the next month or so (which isn’t much of a help to you right now).
        Here are two sites that I have on my website list under ‘reading’: http://en.childrenslibrary.org/ and http://www.circletimekids.com/world-library. Both have books in foreign languages that seem age-appropriate. Check back on my blog for more later!

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