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Weekend Website #134: Math Books for Elementary Grades

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Greg Tang Math


All free from the wonderful Greg Tang!

In writing my books, I hope to show kids how fun and easy math can be when they learn to think about numbers and problems in smart ways. I use poems and pictures in all my books because I believe words and images have the power to communicate mathematical concepts quickly and clearly and at the same time connect math to a world of things – nature, science, art – that matter to kids. My goal is simple. Help kids become smart, well-rounded individuals who love to learn. Enjoy!”

Math Fables

Math Fables

Every child’s journey in math begins with counting. But it is the next step – moving from counting to adding – that is critical. Unfortunately, many kids never make the transition from counting numbers one at a time to thinking abstractly and efficiently in groups. No wonder they find math difficult!

Math Fables is different from other counting books because it teaches both skills at the same time. While kids practice counting, they also learn to see numbers as groups of other numbers. Breaking numbers apart in smart ways is the key to being good at arithmetic.

Math Fables Too

Math Fables Too

In this sequel to Math Fables, the journey continues with more practice counting and grouping numbers. Numbers are again presented as groups of other numbers – the first step in developing the abstract thinking skills needed for higher math. Kids don’t just learn to count. They learn to count, group and add – all at the same time!

Math Fables Too also makes science count by showing clever problem-solving strategies used by animals. Kids naturally love nature and animals, and each fable helps them learn to think and solve problems more creatively. Challenging words are intentionally used to stretch their vocabularies, and each fable ends with a positive message of encouragement. The goal isn’t just better math students, it’s happier, more well-rounded children.

Math For All Seasons

Math For All Seasons

Beginning with spring flowers and ending with a New Year’s celebration, Math For All Seasons takes readers on a yearlong journey filled with poems, pictures and challenging problems. As the seasons pass, kids are encouraged to see numbers and solve problems in smart ways rather than rely on slow, inefficient counting strategies. Every child learns to count, many never learn to stop!

Being open-minded in search of the best, not the most obvious, strategy is the goal of this cheerful children’s book. Thinking in smart groups of 5 and 10, subtracting to add, and looking for patterns and symmetries are strategies that will benefit kids every season and for a lifetime.



A book that builds number sense, strengthens computational and problem-solving skills, develops abstract thinking skills, and introduces children to art history all at the same time? Yes! Math-terpieces artfully combines math with famous masterpieces, creating a unique approach to teaching multiple skills.

For younger kids, adding two or more numbers at a time improves both number sense and mental math skills. For older kids, problems based on combinations and permutations from probability theory teaches them to be strategic and systematic problem solvers. For everyone, Math-terpieces stimulates both analytical and creative thinking. Who says math has to be dull?

The Grapes of Math

The Grapes of Math

This is the groundbreaking New York Times best seller that started it all, introducing millions of kids to a better way of learning math. The Grapes of Math blends a fruitful mix of enticing illustrations with clever poems and riddles to teach important math concepts. It encourages kids to solve problems using creativity and common sense, rather than rote procedures and memorization.

Each problem uses clever, visual tricks to challenge kids to add and eventually multiply numbers in efficient groups. The best solutions are the least obvious, which teaches children to be more thoughtful, strategic, and open-minded. Grape minds think alike – smart!

Math Appeal

Math Appeal

Building on the success of The Grapes of Math, Math Appeal offers 16 additional mind-stretching math riddles to engage, excite, and educate students in the art of problem solving. Cleverly constructed problems communicate both verbally and visually while providing kids of all learning styles a fun and challenging path to improving their math skills.

For younger students, Math Appeal reinforces important grouping strategies that make adding faster, easier and more efficient. For older students, it helps them transition from adding to multiplying while providing invaluable practice with the basic times tables.

The Best of Times

The Best of Times

Do you remember learning to multiply? If you were like most people, you probably memorized your times tables. There was little understanding involved, just a lot of repetition and maybe a trick or two like using your fingers to learn the nines table. Instead, wouldn’t it be great if you could use the multiplication facts you already know to multiply bigger numbers and learn other tables as well?

The Best of Times helps kids master their times tables through a deeper, more intuitive understanding of multiplication. Students use partial products to multiply larger numbers, first breaking them into smaller, more manageable parts. Clever poems and pictures convey strategies clearly and concisely while challenging students to multiply numbers of any size. Let the good times roll!

Math Potatoes

Math Potatoes

Like the rest of the series, this eighth book combines math with poems and pictures and communicates verbally, visually and abstractly to students of all learning styles. A more advanced version of The Grapes of Math and Math Appeal, it offers food for thought by challenging kids to be smarter about the way they solve problems.

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