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62 Kindergarten Websites That Tie into Classroom Lessons

These are my 62 favorite kindergarten websites. I sprinkle them in throughout the year, adding several each week to the class internet start page, deleting others. I make sure I have 3-4

each week that integrate with classroom lesson plans, 3-4 that deal with technology skills and a few that simply excite students about tech.

Here’s the list:

  1. Aesop Fables
  2. Aesop Fables—no ads
  3. Alphabet—Kerpoof Letters
  4. Alphabet Animals
  5. Alphabet Doors
  6. Audio stories
  7. Barnaby and Bellinda Bear
  8. Bembo’s Zoo
  9. Brown Bear Typing
  10. Build a Neighborhood
  11. Color US Symbols
  12. Counting Money
  13. Clocks
  14. Clock Talk
  15. Create Music
  16. Dinosaurs
  17. Dinosaurs II
  18. Dinosaurs III
  19. Dinosaurs IV
  20. Dinosaurs V
  21. Dinosaurs VI
  22. Dinosaur VII
  23. Dino Fossiles then and now
  24. Dr. Seuss
  25. Edugames at Pauly’s Playhouse
  26. Edugames—drag-and-drop puzzles
  27. Fairy Tales and Fables
  28. Find a dog
  29. Game Goo—wacky games that teach
  30. Games to teach mouse skills, problem-solving
  31. Games to teach problem-solving skills
  32. Geogreeting—find letters around the world
  33. Holiday Gingerbread house
  34. Interactive sites
  35. Kerpoof
  36. Kid’s Videos
  37. Keyboarding—Hyper Spider Typing
  38. Kindergarten Links—Science, etc.
  39. Kindergartend Math Links
  40. Kinder Stories
  41. Learn to Read
  42. Make a Face
  43. Make a Monster
  44. Make a Scary Spud
  45. Make a Story
  46. Math for K
  47. Math/LA Videos by grade level
  48. Math Games
  49. Mightybook Stories–visual
  50. Mr. Picasso Head
  51. Museum of Modern Art
  52. My Online Neighborhood
  53. Puzzle
  54. Shapes and colors
  55. Starfall
  56. Stories—non-text
  57. Storytime for Me
  58. The Learning Planet
  59. Time
  60. Virtual Farm
  61. Virtual Zoo
  62. Word games—k-2

Do you have any to add?

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Jacqui Murray is the editor of a technology curriculum for K-fifth grade and author of two technology training books for middle school. She wrote Building a Midshipman, the story of her daughter’s journey from high school to United States Naval Academy midshipman. She is webmaster for five blogs, an Amazon Vine Voice book reviewer, a columnist for and Innovate My School, and a bi-monthly contributor to Write AnythingCurrently, she’s editing a techno-thriller for her agent that should be be out to publishers this summer. Contact Jacqui at her writing office, WordDreams, or her tech lab, Ask a Tech Teacher.

19 thoughts on “62 Kindergarten Websites That Tie into Classroom Lessons

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  3. I find that the children love the New York Zoo site called Build Your Wild Self. I also have several others on the Kindergarten page of my website. Starfall is a never fail winner with the little ones!

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  11. I am a first year K-5 Tech Teacher in Southern Illinois. My district’s resources are limited but I do have 30 computers available and 15 iPads in my classroom.
    Would you be willing to send me a sample or general overview of your K-5 curriculum?

    Otherwise, I am also interested in knowing if you ever assign any projects for the young ones in your class. Mine are focusing right now on BigBrownBear typing, but I would really love to give them an assignment that they can show their parents (take home) that is tangible and reasonably easy for one or two 25 minute class periods.

    • Hi Tabitha–There are a variety of ‘freebies’ here. See if they give you enough of an overview.

      My 1st graders love Big Brown Bear typing. We make it a game–when they get to 22, they can move on to the next activity (say, Starfall). We use KidPix a lot, writing and drawing their site words. 2nd graders love, which transfers nicely to the home. Google Earth–there are wonderful activities on that for K-2. Is that the age group you’re thinking of?

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